Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hello Everyone

Hi everyone,

I have created this Horrors of Cocaine blog as a way to blog about the Horrors of Cocaine eBook and the Horrors of Cocaine play that was presented at The Playroom Theater and Medicine Show Theatre as part of the 9/11 Cultural Festival that took place 9/11-9/14, 2014 at various venues in New York City. I have posted a few videos and photos from these productions that find themselves posted above.

The Horrors of Cocaine cast included: Alisa Nova, John Cordero, Diana Frederick, Veronica Nolte, Janel Smietana, Alice Roschuni, Yoanna Wei, Carl Ly - Min, Anton Splvack, Allison Hohman, Ben Adducchio and Delores Houlker.

Horrors of Cocaine: what cocaine made me do for seven years, is based on the eBook Horrors of Cocaine. The Horrors of Cocaine chronicles the life of a Kansas City, Missouri woman addicted to cocaine for seven years. After starting a cocaine habit at her job, a Missouri woman loses her job and her life of the American dream begins to unravel as she encounters crime, theft, prostitution homelessness, prison, psych wards, hospitals and other activities as a result her addiction to crack cocaine. Part I and II in a series of an unfinished novel.

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