Monday, March 2, 2015

Yesterdays Final Performance

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And here are some photos from yesterdays final performance of Horrors of Cocaine @ Theater for the New City.
Now that Horrors of Cocaine @ Theater for the New City has passed, I wanted to post a message to say thanks to the actors from the Horrors of Cocaine play for making it to the play during non stop snow storms and record breaking cold temperatures and for putting the time in to help with the play these past few weeks and months. I would also like to thank the friends who came to see the play and who follows and has followed the Horrors of Cocaine Facebook page during the Horrors of Cocaine @ Theater for the New City time.
Whether or not Horrors of Cocaine will be presented anywhere again remains to be seen.
Thank you to Theater for the New City for being the one theater left that gives artists the opportunity to express their creativity in the community.
Whether or not there will continue to be posts on this page for Horrors of Cocaine and beyond remains to be seen.

And the cast of Horrors of Cocaine at Theater for the New City was Paula Andrea, Brian Fender - Shirley, Jason Daunno, Miyuki Kumamoto and Amanda Figueiredo with NJ, Eric Dahl and Stuart Newman sitting in.
I can not think of much else to write at the moment. Good day.
"And there has been drama within drama in what also became the Horror of the Horrors of Cocaine for this production. comedy and tragedy. and maybe the theater world has seen it all".

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